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It's normal to catch the common old or flu during that time of year. That doesn't mean that you have to like it. 10-Day Get-Well Stay-Well helps you fight back. We think you'll like this product because you'll be able to get past your down time. Get-Well, Stay-Well works well with as few as 2 capsules per day for the overall maintenance of your help.

Directions for Use:

At the first sign of illness, take 2 capsules 3 times per day. You can increase this dosage to 4 capsules 3 times per day until your desired health results are achieved. Doses may be taken with or without food.

Benefits of Our Natural, Healthy Immunity Supplement

  • Only 6 capsules per day to get well and 2 capsules per day to stay well.
  • Balanced immune system.
  • Reduced illness vulnerability.
  • Get better faster, stay healthy longer.