Finding a Protein Powder Based on Whole Foods

We have all been told at one point or another that we should cut out our preservative-heavy foods for real whole foods, but what exactly constitutes a whole food?

While you might think of GMO-free, organic, locally farmed produce, the definition of whole foods is actually much simpler than this. A whole food is a food in its most natural state, but why should you eat it?

Many artificial preservatives are effective at warding off harmful, even deadly bacteria, but come with a host of adverse risks and side effects. Sodium nitrate, for example, is used to preserve lunch meats and prevent botulism. While effective, sodium nitrate has been linked to several forms of cancer. Whole foods, on the other hand, are safer, healthier, and surprisingly accessible.

If you are looking for a healthier diet, we here at Road to Nutrition can help. Our products and supplements are made with natural ingredients so you can find a protein powder that is based on whole foods right here in our online store.

Benefits of Real Whole Foods

The most obvious benefit of a whole foods diet is the nutritional content. This is especially true in meats and other proteins that are in their most natural state.

Our 30 Second Meal protein shake, for example, is made with real whole foods. This includes its protein base which is made of pea, cranberry, and white chia protein rather than whey or soy protein. While effective, soy and whey have considerable flaws that are concerning.

Soy contains phytoestrogen, which is concerning because this has been linked to breast, bowel, and prostate cancer. Our protein mix, on the other hand, does not present these risks and is a safer alternative.

Additionally, whey is also rather effective at building muscle. However, it is not vegan-friendly and is far more nutritious. One of the biggest concerns over whey protein is nutrient deficiencies when used as a meal replacement. Whey does not have nearly as much nutritional content as whole foods, which can lead to health risks due to deficiencies.

The best way to truly get a safer and effective protein powder is to find one based on whole foods.

Versatile Protein Powder

If you want to live the healthiest lifestyle possible, eating a whole food diet is obviously a good first step. Exercising is also a necessity and replacing your soy or whey protein powder with a protein powder based on whole foods will help, too. But finding a whole food protein powder that can be used safely as a meal replacement and workout supplement can make all the difference.

Here at Road to Nutrition, we are proud to say our 30 Second Meal protein shake is made with real whole foods and can be used safely as a meal replacement. You should only replace one meal a day, at the most, and we recommend doing so with breakfast.

We live in a fast-paced world and getting the day started with a nutritious breakfast can be tough. Our 30 Second Meal, however, lives up to its name.

If you are interested in our 30 Second Meal, or any of the other high-quality products we sell here at Road to Nutrition, you can visit our online store here.