Supplements to Help Lose Water Weight

Sure, our bodies are mostly made of water, but that doesn't mean the discomfort of bloating isn't a problem! It's extremely important to be careful when trying to lose excess water weight as dehydration can easily occur. With the right techniques and supplements, you can lose your extra water weight safely and easily.

Our goal here at Road to Nutrition is to provide the knowledge and resources for everyone to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. With our high-quality supplements, you can lose weight quickly and effectively. Let us fill you in on the best ways to lose water weight below.

What Causes Excess Water Weight?

There are many different causes of water weight, but in persons trying to lose weight one of the most common is excess sodium. This might seem weird since salt can cause you to become dehydrated, but excess sodium causes the body to retain extra fluids. You can easily regulate your body's water weight by cutting sodium out of your diet.

However, if this doesn't work, there might be more at play than just high sodium levels. High sugar intake, for example, can cause the insulin levels in your body to rise which in turn causes your body's ability to expel excess sodium to  weaken.

Another common cause of excess body weight is alcohol. This is because alcoholic beverages can lead to dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, it will do everything it can to hold on to fluids. A good rule of thumb for alcohol intake is to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

Extreme dieting can also cause excess water weight. When you consume roughly 1,200 calories or less, your body will break down protein and carbohydrate storages to get extra water. When you begin eating regularly again, you body will begin storing protein and carbohydrates instead of breaking them down, causing water to build up and resulting in water weight. For a healthy diet, you should balance your carbohydrate, fat, and protein intakes instead of cutting them out entirely.  

Supplements to Help You Lose Water Weight

In addition to dietary changes, like those mentioned above, there are a number of supplements you can take to help you lose excess water weight.

Some water pills, as they are known, can help you lose water weight by causing you to urinate more frequently. These are called diuretics. Many diuretics do more than just cause you to urinate often. In fact, many of them are made with natural ingredients and herbs that can increase stamina, which will further help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

Live Healthy

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