What Are Probiotics?

Everyone would love to have a perfect immune system, but between environmental factors, diet, and bacterial infections, achieving such isn't that simple. However, you can do plenty to strengthen your immune system and combat illnesses. The trick is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and utilizing probiotics. Taking probiotics, alongside exercising and living healthy, is continually being studied, as they are believed to improve digestions and boost your immune system. In fact, research shows probiotics could present a number of benefits from enhancing the immune system to shedding pounds.

Though research and studies supporting the benefits of probiotics for the immune system aren't necessarily sufficient, utilizing probiotics does indeed present advantages, and still could be the answer to boosting the body's immune system. Let's take a deeper look into probiotics, how they could improve your immune system, and how to select the right ones.

What Is a Probiotic and How Do They Work?

So, we've discussed the potential probiotics have in improving the function of our immune systems, but you may be wondering what is a probiotic. It may come as a surprise, but probiotics are actually bacteria that are good for your health, as well as your digestive tract. Did we say bacteria? Indeed. In short, probiotics are healthy bacteria that keep your gut healthy. They exist naturally within our bodies, yet we can also find probiotics in certain foods and supplements.

While scientists continue to research exactly how probiotics work with our body, there are some clear ways they are believed to be beneficial. First, when we take antibiotics to combat viruses, the antibiotics work to remove the harmful bacteria in our body. As a result, some good bacteria is lost, and probiotics can replenish those. They may also help balance both types of bacteria to ensure our body is functioning properly. How can you find the right probiotics to improve your body's functioning? Let us fill you in.

Picking Probiotics: Beneficial Foods

As mentioned, evidence supporting the benefits of probiotics through supplements is not quite complete, however, you can maintain a probiotic-rich diet to reap the potential benefits and enhance your immune system. Food has a direct effect on your intestinal environment, as it can restore necessary bacteria. The foods listed below are packed with probiotics, of which you should include in your diet to promote digestion and potentially improve your immune system.

  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Sauerkraut
  • Soft Cheeses (Gouda)
  • Certain Milk
  • Sour Pickles

In terms of yogurt and milk, be sure to check the labels and ensure you're grabbing the right kind. In addition to maintaining a diet full of probiotics, you should consider taking probiotic supplements.

Probiotics: Get Back on Track

Aside from eating probiotic-rich foods, you can take probiotic supplements to further support digestion and boost your immune system. They may not always be able to provide your body with the nutrition the foods listed above offer, but supplements are a convenient way to receive at least some nutrients. Road to Nutrition's Back on Tract probiotic supplement is a great option! Our product works to restore healthy bacteria, aid in digestion, and reduce bloating and cramping.

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