Boosting Your Immune System Naturally

Quite frankly, our immune systems work hard to defend our bodies from disease-causing microbes. Clearly, the immune system can fail sometimes and viruses make their way through our bodies. So, how can we boost our immune systems to better combat viruses and germs? Unfortunately, there's no clear-cut answer to that question. The immune system is quite complicated, and researchers continue to study its complex functioning. However, you can always make lifestyle changes to potentially enhance the function of your immune system. Of course, you can also boost your immune system using any of the countless supplements that support it. The trick is finding the right supplement.

Before we get into supplements, let's take a look at how to boost your immune system naturally through some essential lifestyle changes. Though there are no proven links between lifestyle and a stronger immune system, researchers have found some results that could suggest otherwise. Regardless, living a healthy life is always beneficial to your body, and it could give your immune system a much needed boost.  

Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Like we said, while there isn't sufficient scientific evidence to simply link one supplement directly to changes in the immune system, the evidence doesn't disprove the idea, either. However, your body does indeed function more efficiently when you protect it from harmful factors, such as the environment and a poor diet—and that includes your immune system! Furthermore, you can make the following lifestyle changes to boost your immune system:

  • Sleep More, Stress Less: High levels of stress and insufficient sleep can cause an increase in cortisol, which is a hormone that can affect your immune system's functioning.
  • Refrain from Smoking: Tobacco smoke weakens your immune defenses and can increase your risk of viruses like bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • Drink in Moderation: An increase in alcohol consumption also inhibits your immune system even increases your risk of lung infections.
  • Improve your Diet: Increase your consumption of fruits, veggies, and nuts to supply your immune system will essential nutrients. Studies show a high intake of fruits and veggies can improve your body's defense against pneumonia.
  • Stay Fit: Exercise increases white blood cell circulation, which are the cells that fight diseases in your immune system.

When considering how to boost your immune system, you should also consider taking probiotics to further enhance its function. Taking probiotics alongside the list of lifestyle changes above could be the key factor in combating viruses and diseases.

Probiotics to Boost Your Immune System

Though there isn't sufficient evidence proving a healthy lifestyle improves immune system function, studies do suggest probiotics can be a beneficial factor in achieving such. Our digestive tract consists of numerous types of bacteria that actually help digest food. This good bacteria has been linked to an enhanced immune system, and probiotics are indeed good bacteria. To explain, specific bacteria can increase the number of T cells in our body, which actively participate in immune response. With this, we can assume supplying our bodies with more "good bacteria" like probiotics could potentially boost the immune system.

Put your Immune System Back on Track

Regardless of sufficient scientific studies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supplying your body with probiotics probably isn't a bad idea. It may even be the answer to the question, "How to boost your immune system?" At Road to Nutrition, our Back on Tract probiotic can provide your body with the aforementioned good bacteria that may be necessary in boosting your immune system. Additionally, our Get-Well Stay-Well can promote a balanced immune system and help fend off viruses.

If you're interested in boosting your immune system and protecting your body from viruses and diseases, check out Road to Nutrition today!