Benefits of L-Arginine

A majority of the cells, muscles, and tissues in our bodies are made up of amino acids, or the building blocks of protein, which is essential to basically any bodily function. Simply put, amino acids play a key role in most of our body's important functions. Of these amino acids, L-arginine presents a variety of benefits within heart and blood vessel conditions, cold prevention, reducing inflammation, and even athletic performance. Additionally, L-arginine is used in numerous medications, such as ibuprofen.

Clearly, L-arginine is extremely beneficial, and that's why we include it in our supplements at Road to Nutrition. We strive to provide fitness and nutrition enthusiasts with effective products, resources, and helpful information so they can further benefit from their healthy lifestyle. With this, we've compiled a list of benefits, uses, and an explanation of L-arginine so you can reap its many benefits. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this beneficial amino acid and learn how you can take advantage of its effective properties.

An In-Depth Look at L-Arginine

As defined, L-arginine is a chemical building block, otherwise known as an amino acid. It plays an important role in assisting the body in protein production, and can be obtained through diet, though the human body produces it as well. L-arginine can also be produced in labs to be used in a variety of medicines.

Though it's considered a conditionally nonessential amino acid, as it's not required in a healthy diet,  supplementing your body with L-arginine is often advantageous for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. As mentioned, our bodies do produce the amino acid, however, you can find it in numerous foods, such as whole wheat, nuts, seeds, red meat, and fish.

In general, L-arginine is essential in protein synthesis and, therefore, cellular function, muscle mass development, and the regulation of blood pressure. Now that we've covered exactly what this amino acid is, let's take a look at L-arginine benefits.

Various L-Arginine Benefits

Though we may have already given many of them away, the benefits of L-arginine are both far-reaching and numerous. Though it may not be considered an essential amino acid, the L-arginine benefits may suggest otherwise. It plays a variety of roles within our body and is especially important for athletes and bodybuilders alike. Take a look at what L-arginine could possibly do for you:

  • Developing Muscle Mass: Used in the synthesis of proteins, L-arginine triggers muscle cells, helps release growth hormones, and reduces fat stores under the skin. This makes it essential to bodybuilders.
  • Increasing Endurance: As a precursor of nitric oxide, which works to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to muscles, L-arginine allows oxygen and nutrients to supply muscles longer.
  • Boosting Immune System: By removing free radicals and enhancing immune system cells, L-arginine can boost the immune system, which is beneficial in extensive workout routines.
  • Enhancing Libido: Similar to its effect on endurance, L-arginine promotes blood flow, which can resolve erectile dysfunction in men, as well as enhance their sexual drive. Similar results occur in women.

Reap the Benefits with Road to Nutrition

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