How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Everyone suffers from stress from time to time, but if you've ever struggled with anxiety, you know how serious it can be. Essentially, anxiety is a prolonged and amplified form of stress, and it can be quite difficult to manage. For those who do suffer from anxiety, daily tasks and even falling asleep at night can become hard to conquer.

While many people require psychotherapy and prescription medications to cope with their anxiety, other options do exist. Of course, always consult a licensed medical provider first if symptoms are moderate, severe, or don't get better. For many people, lifestyle changes can help control anxiety without the need for medications.

Road to Nutrition is here to help those who struggle with anxiety. We believe an active lifestyle and proper nutrition can provide balance in many areas of life, and that includes a well-balanced mind. If you suffer from anxiety, you're not alone. Many Americans every day are afflicted with anxiety and, fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help them cope. Take a moment to learn how to manage anxiety and keep it under control through natural remedies and effective practices.  

How to Manage Anxiety: Avoid Caffeine

One main concern for those who suffer from anxiety is its tendency to keep them up at night. In other words, insomnia is often a result of anxiety, which only worsens the disorder. And how do people cope with insomnia? Caffeine! While it may provide effective results in keeping you alert and awake after a night of anxiety-induced insomnia, caffeine can actually cause more problems. Caffeine increases your heart rate and can potentially cause panic attacks, which is often already a symptom of anxiety.

So, the answer to the question, "How to manage anxiety?" is certainly not caffeine. However, if you do need caffeine to keep you going throughout the day, try something with a lower caffeine content, such as green tea. While you're at it, you may want to consider a change in diet to alleviate your anxiety.

A Proper Diet to Manage Anxiety

When it comes to managing anxiety naturally, changing what you eat could be an effective and successful measure. Studies suggest certain foods can calm nerves, while others could actually work as stimulants. In general, a balanced and nutritious diet support well-being, which could come into play when coping with anxiety. Take a look below to see which foods you should eat, and which you should avoid. First: beneficial foods.

  • Turkey: Rich in tryptophan, which can help your brain produce calming chemicals, turkey is a great choice. You can also find tryptophan in chicken, bananas, milk, and oats.
  • Beef: Beef is packed with B vitamins, which may help with anxiety. B vitamin deficiencies are known to cause depression in some people, so ensure you're supplying your body with plenty.
  • Salmon: The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and other fish have been shown to enhance mood and improve the efficacy of medications. Tuna, trout, and herring also contain omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Greek Yogurt: In addition to other high-protein foods like cheese, eggs, and beans, greek yogurt's high protein content stimulates dopamine and norepinephrine, which enhance alertness and mental functioning.

We've already mentioned caffeine's negative effects, so coffee obviously makes the list of avoidables. Also, in managing anxiety, you should avoid candy, alcohol, hot dogs, and other processed foods.  

How to Manage Anxiety: Regular Exercise

Adding to the list of beneficial practices, exercise is a great way to beat stress and manage anxiety. Simply put, exercise is an effective and powerful stress reducer. In fact, some experts suggest that the increase in body heat from exercising can affect neural circuits that control cognitive function and mood, which may result in better moods and reduced anxiety. Additionally, studies show fitness is successful in decreasing fatigue, increasing alertness, and improving concentration. Essentially, when you're body feels great, so will your mind.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, natural supplements are also a viable option. For instance, our Nightburn supplement contains necessary amino acids and herbs to reduce stress and anxiety, improve restful sleep, and increase dopamine.

If you suffer from anxiety, put the tips above to practice and try our supplements. Also, explore our website to find more information about living healthy.