Does Whey have Gluten in it?

Whey protein has long been considered a sound protein supplement because of it effectiveness in building muscle. It is also gluten-free, making it an ideal source of protein for those with gluten allergies. While whey protein is naturally gluten-free, many whey protein powders are at risk for cross-contamination.

Here at Road to Nutrition, our main goal is to supply our loyal customers with safer supplements that are essential to a healthy lifestyle. We understand that many of our customers have a gluten allergy or at least benefit greatly from a gluten-free diet. Let us fill you in on how cross-contamination occurs and how to avoid it.

Whey and Gluten Cross-Contamination

As mentioned before, whey does not naturally have gluten in it. However, many facilities that manufacture and package whey protein also work with gluten products.

Gluten is found in wheat and many other grains, as well as products that include these ingredients. While the majority of the population does not have trouble digesting gluten, 1-2% of the general population suffer from coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can cause many digestive problems and is brought on by gluten. Some of the digestive problems associated with coeliac disease are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Malabsorption

Since many whey proteins are manufactured in a facility that also works with gluten, you should be careful when buying such a product. Always look at the ingredient list and read the label to see if your whey protein shake was made in a facility used with gluten products as well to avoid cross-contamination.  

Whey Protein Alternatives

While whey protein is effective at building muscle tone, the potential gluten contamination makes it concerning for gluten-free dieters. Luckily, there are gluten-free alternatives that are just as effective as whey protein.

One of the most common gluten-free whey protein alternatives is soy protein. Soy, like whey, does not naturally contain gluten. However, like whey, it is susceptible to cross-contamination. Additionally, soy protein has been linked to a number of cancers including prostate, bowel, and breast cancers.

Here at Road to Nutrition, we do not use either whey or soy proteins in our 30 Second Meal protein powder. Our protein powder is made from real whole foods and we use pea protein, cranberry protein, and white chia protein rather than soy or whey. This makes our product vegan and vegetarian-friendly, while catering to gluten-free and soy-free diets.

Stay Active and Live Healthy With Road to Nutrition

Losing weight, sticking to your diet, and building muscle can be difficult goals to accomplish. Our fast-paced world filled with fatty and greasy foods only makes it harder. With Road to Nutrition, you can fight these unhealthy cravings with a healthy supplement choice.

If you are interested in our 30 Second meal protein powder or any of the other high-quality products we sell, you can visit our online store here.