L-arginine Daily - 2 Pack - Blowout Pricing!!

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Why L-arginine Daily is your BEST choice for a cardiovascular supplement:

  • Studies show that the proper doses of l-arginine and l-citrulline are required to achieve the desired results. Other l-arginine products have only a small amount of these two main ingredients. L-arginine Daily has 5000mg of l-arginine and 1000mg of l-citrulline in every serving.
  • L-arginine Daily also has the necessary supporting ingredients to help achieve the best results such as Astragin™
  • Astragin™ aids L-arginine Daily by improving the absorption by 66% more at the cellular level, making L-arginine Daily much more effective than other l-arginine products.
  • Flavor! Other l-arginine products taste like medicine and can leave a strong aftertaste. Years of testing and formulating have gone into achieving L-arginine Daily's delicious berry flavor that is smooth and enjoyable.